Monday, March 5, 2012

Small Walling Stay of Execution 5.8 PG A3 March 5th 2012

Small Walling Stay of Execution 5.8 PG A3
March 5th 2012

Well, I recently bought a hammer and some pins, so I decided to head to the Quarry with Lea to practice some safe hard aid.  I got the idea from Wes Goulding when I saw his trip report - knowing that it truly wasn't A3 as it was protectable by bolts gave me the warm and fuzziez.  The aid was safe and not very tricky and but I was able to get in some pins!  One popped on Lea though - gotta work on placements.  We climbed Stay of Execution which is really probably A2 with bolts to protect the moves.  Although I got some sick hook moves on pitch 4!  It was pretty easy and safe with all the bolts, but without them, I would Sh#$t my pants.

Stay of Execution 5.8 PG A3?

Pitch 1

Cleaning Pitch 2

Pitch 4:  Some fun hooking action.  I had bolts right at my knees, but I was still a little spooked.  The one on the left was really just hooking on friction and the one on the right is only 50% contact.

Top Out

Overall it was a great experience.  We only brought a liter of water and no food, so it was good training for being dehydrated and hungry while climbing.  Gotta head out some more and get used to hooking and hammering!

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