Monday, March 5, 2012

Jtree Jeremy REI Weekend March 3-4th

Jtree Jeremy REI Weekend
March 3-4th

Day 1:
Headed out to Jtree for some good food, drinks and climbing.  Day 1 hit up Banana Cracks.  Left was pretty cruiser for 5.10c (soft), right kicked my ass at 5.11b.  I fell right at the crux and spent so much energy, I couldn't pull it.  We then headed to sphincter quits which was fun with offset cams and then  route on the great burrito.

Day 2:
Headed out to Equinox to rope solo.  It was pretty fun and was going easy.  I decided near to the top to place a cam hook, a cam which I back cleaned and another cam hook.  The second cam hook was in a flare.  I was about 8-10 feet above my last piece and I heard the cam hook starting to wedge out.  I threw in a finger lock just as the cam hook popped and was hanging above my gear on a single finger lock.  I looked down at my all potential and knew I wouldn't deck, so I tightened up my gri gri and quickly threw a cam in.  It stuck and I was relieved.  I had a mini epic trying to find my car in the dark - that is another story :)
Prusik Rebelay

Sweet thin crack
The good cam hook!

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