Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Indian Creek and Desert Towers April 14-17 2012

Indian Creek and Desert Towers 
April 14th-17th 2012

Day 1:  Super Crack and Amaretto
Tara and I left Los Angeles around 9pm psyched and ready for our 13 hour drive to Indian Creek.  We took turns driving and sleeping and we were able to make it through without a glitch.   We hit some road delays and some snow over the passes but we made it into camp by 11am and ready to get down and dirty Indian Creek Style. 

My goal of the trip was to get on Supercrack; so I decided to get on it as my first route.  Kinda forgot to warmup.  It was Amazing and was for sure a proud send.  I was super pumped and still tired from lack of sleep in the car, so I did one more route and called it a day.

Day 2:  Elephant Crack, Generic Crack, Chocolate Corner, Bejous Crack
Finally getting a little bit of shut eye, we got our 11am alpine start and jetted out to the crag for some good old fashioned fun.  We had fun collecting cams.  I used 10 yellow camalots for generic crack.  If you do the math, that’s a $700 crack!  Super fun and sustained.  Pretty fun “Cragging” day.

          Lea following Generic Crack
Chocolate Corner
Day 3:  Ancient Art Tower
We had the brilliant idea of an “All Pajama” ascent of Ancient Art with six people.  The only problem, I sleep naked…Well, that made the summit exciting!  Such a piece of shit climb but the summit made up for it.  Although a loose mudpile, the climbing was fun and the route was a team effort. All six of us were up there to cheer each other on.  The climb involves a belly flop onto a ledge and some super exposed climbing to get to the sweet summit!


Day 4: Incredible hand crack, three oclock crack, twin cracks
The final day.  I sent my second “to do" climb by cruising through Incredible hand crack.  Vicky then belayed me on three oclock which was really sustained.

All in all this was an amazing trip with amazing friends and really helped me get my mind off of any stress I had back at home.  It was great to get away and to spend time with awesome motivated people. 

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